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Which is better HID or LED?

That question can be answered with one definitive answer: The one LEAST LIKELY to FAIL. Believe me, when one is out on in the Florida swamps looking for critters that go CHOMP in the night, the last thing that one wishes to happen is to lose the ability of turning dark into bright.

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LED Light Bars trucks can REALLY use.

I’ve been around LED Light bars for quite some time now. In all honesty, LED Light Bars trucks can really use are far in-between lot’s of throw-away junk. One brand invariably stands out among the bread and butter category, and even ventures into the “celebrity status” category in many of […]

L.E.D. Light

Reputable information on L.E.D. Light, the benefits, tradeoff’s, the good, the bad, and the ugly. With access to dozens of brand manufacturers products, you will find what you are looking for, at a reasonable price, without having to spend countless hours searching.